Phone – JABSOM Kakaʻako Facility Only (Voice over IP)
Cisco Telephones

There are multiple types of Cisco Telephones at the Kakaʻako facility. Click on the phone type to view the phone instructions. The instructions are in PDF format.

Cisco Series 7800 phones (7821, 7841, 7861)

Cisco 7902 Telephone: Wall telephone, same as 7905/7912, without the LCD and network port
Cisco 7905 Telephone: Single line phone without network port
Cisco 7912 Telephone: Single line phone with network port
Cisco 7940 Telephone: 2 line phone; mainly for workstation users
Cisco 7960 Telephone: 6 line phone

For long distance and international call services, please send the service request to the OIT Helpdesk.


Voicemail is for Full-Time/Part-Time faculty and staff. To acquire a voicemail box please contact the OIT Helpdesk.
Click here for pdf instructions on how to setup your voicemail.